The many ways to participate in the Spring Cleanse.

Eating: The food plan is to avoid as much sugar as possible.

NO grains of any kind(this includes bread and pasta), legumes, beans, potato, sweet potato, mushrooms, peanuts, pistachios, dairy(kefir, plain yogurt, real sour cream, heavy whipping creamy can de used sparingly), no vinegar except apple cider. No caffeine, no alcohol.

Fruit is limited to grapefruit, lemons, limes, berries avocado and coconut.

You will be eating mostly a protein(eggs, chicken, beef, fish 4oz) and lots of veggies, and as much organic as possible.

Nuts and seeds are included, excluding those mentioned above.


The supplements will help to support the body’s natural detox process. The supplements support the body’s organs of elimination, upper and lower GI tract, lungs, skin, liver, kidneys. There are several supplements so I suggest holding off on what you currently and typically take. If you feel you can not go without a supplement, and it fits into the eating guidelines, it is usually ok. I have updated the program a bit and choose to support the body via the methylation, during this time.
New Participants $195
Reoccurring Participant $165
Info:  The full rate of $195 is less than retail for supplements.  You can not purchase this package somewhere else.
Meal Replacement Option:
Protein – pea $35
Replacement greens $57.9
Participant %20 off  – Total $65.56

If you want to choose 1 or more supplements to create a mini Cleanse, I can help you choose and offer you %15 off supplements.

Weekly Classes for all $15/class, sign up required. The class/meeting will be held at the secret garden, live via internet/zoom, and available for replay.
20-30 min check in, questions, sharing.
30-40 min yoga nidra practice – guided relaxation and working with subconscious mind.
March 25 – Setting Intentions 2-3ishpm
April 1 – Going Deeper 2-3ishpm
April 8 – The culmination 11-12pm

I like to encourage people to try to abandon the HABITS, at this time. The Cleanse works of many levels in accordance with your state of awareness. I feel it not only addresses the obvious, but helps us to free ourselves from our comforts and habits.

What you may find is that the habits and comforts can in fact be holding you back. They usually take more energy from us then we realize. Taking a break allows for a new perspective when we return to our typical routines with regard to food, time, planning, meal prep, etc

We carve out 14 days for The Cleanse and it coordinates with the time of the seasonal transition.

We drink lots of water and try to carve out time for rest. I recommend attempting to get 7-8 hrs of sleep. Sweating for at least 30min a day is encouraged. I recommend yoga, walking, dancing, movement to pump your lymph. Baths, steam, sauna, massage, facials are great. It is a good time to meditate and read inspiring works or be around that which is nourishing and inspirational to you, at this transitional time.

If you plan out your food ahead of time, you will absolutely be able to work and carry out a normal day. I do suggest 20 min breaks whenever needed, if you are detoxing from coffee or sugar, sometimes that can be a challenge and those breaks of closing your eyes, meditating, or practicing pranayama – breathing exercises, really make a big difference.

I will give you specific instructions and some suggestions when you decide to do the cleanse.FullSizeRender