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‘Time Peace’ Sean Sweeney

“Super Genes,” by Deepak Chopra MD and Rudolph Tanzi PHD brings us a little insight on these cravings most of us know all too well.  “Bad choices sometimes feel good…gratification from good choices is usually delayed…the best approach is to reset your microbiome by instituting easy lifestyle changes and then rely on your body to return to a state in which it has no cravings.”

It’s Saturday night and I’m feeling pretty good after the cleanse.  A couple of weeks out and my cravings have subsided.  I’m out to dinner and I know I won’t overdo it.  I won’t be pulled into the dessert menu so I get a delicious spicy pasta dish and I enjoy every last bit of it.  I hadn’t had pasta in over a month.  Sunday morning starts to feel like the perfect french toast kind of morning.  There is this great little french boulangerie in town.  No.  I see what’s happening.  The cravings are starting.  I opt for some berries and yogurt.  Yum.  Happy.  Until 11:30 and then I’m hungry.  Mmmmm lunch at the Cheese Cave sounds wonderful.  One spicy bird sandwich later (Turkey, avocado, red pepper relish, and melted habanero cheddar on sourdough) and not too long passes and you guessed it, I’m wanting something.  Sweet would be great, but that’s out of the question.  I won’t.  So now I am on to thinking about dinner as I snack on some Momma’s beet chips and hummus.  Can you see how my day has been totally consumed by searching for something to finally satisfy me?

“There’s also a major emotional component to cravings and the need for instant gratification.  When you discover what you are really hungry for, the answer will be something deeper than peanut butter and jelly or pizza…A craving for anything “out there” is best answered from ‘in here.'” -Super Genes

I’m clear, I’m not filling a void, I just need to return to balance and make the choice that will have a delayed gratification.  Even though I am intently thinking about going out to dinner and the immediate gratification, I choose to get my butt in the kitchen.  I saute up some butternut squash pre-cut into noodles with garlic, onion and kale.  I add salt, hot pepper flakes, and thyme.  I pour in three whipped eggs and my fritatta is on it’s way.  I put myself in the shower and got ready for relaxing.  Going out was no longer an option.

Finally.  A satisfying balanced meal.  Who’d a thunk it.  Thankfully me.  The rest of the night was mine; Time and Peace achieved.