Airbrush Tan

Airbrush Tan

  • Organic Formula, NO Toxins
  • Natural Sun Kissed color, NO Orange
  • Different shades for your personal preference
  • New Dry Mist formula and practically odorless
  • All technicians are certified in professional application in The Art of Natural Tanning

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Besides the fact that sun exposure causes pruned skin….. In 1935, approximately one out of 1,500 people in the U.S. were diagnosed with malignant melanoma — the most deadly form of skin cancer. Today, that number has jumped to one out of 50 people in the U.S, the risk of developing malignant melanoma is mainly due to exposure to the sun.

  • Full Body Tan $45
  • 1/2 Body Tan $30
  • Face Glow $12

Tanning Tips

  • Are there any special preparations? ?Yes. Before each session please shower, shave and exfoliate. Please do not wear make-up, lotion, perfume or deodorant. Please wear loose fitting dark clothing to the salon. Please moisturize only dry patches if necessary for example, elbows, heels & knees.
  • What should I wear to tan in? ?State law requires you to wear at least a thong, besides that please wear whatever you’re comfortable with preferably dark clothing.
  • How long will it take? ?About five minutes to be airbrushed and five to dry.
  • When will I see results? ?Immediately
  • How long will the tan last? ?The average client reports seven days, but can be extended with proper moisture and Spray in a can for touching up the face.
  • Is it Safe? (My favorite question ….) ?YES, so safe, in fact, pregnant women and children are encouraged by doctors daily to get airbrushed. Our solution is made from DHA (a sugar derivative) found naturally in the human body. We also add great things like aloe and vitamins to nourish and moisturize the skin. DHA has been used cosmetically for over 30 years with no adverse effects.
  • What about after tanning? ?Just avoid excess sweating and water until you have showered, after 6 hours. You will feel like you’re wearing moisturizer for approximately an hour.
The following information will help you care for your tan:
  • Please do not shower for 6 hours; your tan is still processing.
  • Moisturize twice daily; dry skin will flake and peel causing your tan to fade. Please use natural products like Cocoa Butter or a Vitamin E Cream.
  • Please read your products, if the first four ingredients include Alcohol or Alpha Hydroxy, Do Not Use. These are drying agents and will fade your tan. (Ex: Dove, Bath and Bodyworks and some Victoria’s Secret.)
  • Please understand chemicals found in hot tubs and public pools will fade you faster than normal, as chlorine is a bleaching agent.