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The Art of Hair Extensions by our Certified Specialist | Staten Island, New York.

Hair Extensions Salon

Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions 

EXCLUSIVE to The Secret Garden Salon & Spa in Staten Island, New York City.   This innovative and unique hair extension system offers invisible, weightless, paper-thin, and seamless results! Lasts 2-3 months and only takes 45mins to an hour to apply the entire head, With practically NO maintenance! Click here to watch more about Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions!

Great Lengths

a keratin bond method that can be used for fullness and Length


for thinning hair to give lifeless hair more volume and a long-lasting style.

Our certified Hair Extension Specialist will recommend the option that best suits your needs, price based on Complimentary Consultation

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Unique Hair Extensions For Better Results!

We believe hair extensions are as special as the woman who wears them. We have a wide variety of Hair Extensions to be equally unique by avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach and creating a complete system that supports a variety of application techniques, which are suited to all hair conditions, types, and lifestyles.

Customizable Hair Extension Solutions Designed For Your Hair!

CUSTOMIZED METHODS OF ATTACHMENTS, Attachments that are as unique as you. Our multiple methods of attachment make extensions a simple and safe option for every client’s need, Focusing on creating damage-free results every time!

So whether your hair is fine, coarse, or chemically treated hair – whether you workout, love the beach, do yoga or have any kind of active lifestyle – always achieve optimal correct attachments designed for your very particular hair.

A Perfectly Matching Hair Extension

Platinum’s innovative dual-level color system allows us to perfectly match hair color from root to end, creating an invisible bond. This unique system consists of five color collections: NATURALS, BLENDS, OMBRÉS, ROOTED + BALAYAGES, AND FASHION COLORS. Click here to see! (there are over 600 Hair Extension Color combinations)

The Invisible Hair Extension Difference

Platinum Seamless extensions are made of the finest 100% human Remy hair cut from individual braids. 3 and 1.5 inches (wide) pieces are the softest, smoothest, thinnest, and most comfortable adhesive gel attachments on the market. Something we pride ourselves on is the unique .25 inch height of our attachment, which is commonly 50% less than most other tape-in extensions. Our unique attachment size options, in both width and height, truly place our Hair Extension solution as superior. The search for superior hair extensions is over!

Our undetectable clear adhesive strips allow for seamless application and natural blending of Hair from root to end.

Hair Extensions Hair Salon Q & A:

Are hair extensions bad for your hair, can they ruin your hair?   

No, Professionally fitted hair extensions will not damage your hair.  If not properly selected, installed, and cared for they can cause damage, such as hair loss.  Hair extension user care is also critical after install.

Are hair extensions real hair? Are hair extensions real hair? 

Yes, and No, there are real Human Hair Extensions and also Synthetic Hair Extensions.  Hair extensions are not created equal! Hair extension quality and type vary, so it is important to do some research and ask questions.  Real Human Hair extensions are superior to synthetic ones.

Which hair extensions are best?  

There are various types and quality Hair extensions and it is about finding what is best for you and your particular situation! 

The search for superior hair extensions in Staten Island is over!