Hair Salon Services | Marlboro NJ

Hair Services | Marlboro NJ

Hair Coloring Services

  • Single Process – $55 and up
  • Frame Hi-light – $45 and up
  • Crown Hi-light – $85 and up
  • Full Hi-light – $120 and up
  • Full Balayage – $200 and up
  • Partial Balayage – $150 and up
*All Hi-lighting services come with WellaPlex to maintain the keratin integrity of hair when lifting.
We use Wella premium first-class Hair Coloring products, for the best results!
Don’t just color your Hair Illuminate it.

Wella delivers professional dye innovations to help The Secret Garden Salon & Spa hairdressers express their creativity. These products range from permanent hair color, which lasts up to three months per application, demi-permanent colors that provide natural pastel shades or vivid pop of intense hues all year round, and semi-perm dyes for a temporary touchup when needed. Whether you want radical makeovers with bold new looks or the enhancement of your own locks without having dramatic changes as often, Our expertly designed product & Staff will give you everything you need to get any look done right!


Expert Hair Coloring

Haircut & Style

  • Haircut and Style – $55 and up
  • The Signature Blowout – $30+
  •  Bouncy Blowout with thermal heat styling add $10
  • Formal Thermal Curl Styling – $50 and up on dry hair
  • Braid Styling- Our braid specialist can create unique trendy designs $20 and up

Curly Girl Hair Cut/Deva Certified Method

  • DevaCut -The Deva Cutting technique is a revolutionary method for cutting curly hair. The hair is cut dry, simply because we wear our hair dry not wet. We cut the hair in its natural form, curl by curl. Since curly hair and its spring factor can be misinterpreted while wet. This unique innovation allows the stylist to sculpt each client’s hair, according to their individual curl, look, and style whether you’re looking to tame your curl or revive any wave.

Deva Cut with Master Certified -$100

Certified Stylist Deva Cut $85

Deva Set $30

  • Pintura Hair Painting – The coloring technique for curly hair. Colorists hand-paint your curls without foils in a way that adds dimension and accentuates curls.

Full Pintura Painting – $200

Partial Pintura Painting – $150

Luminess Hair Gloss

Frizzy sissy? Give it a touch of softness with our newest essential oil gloss. It contains camellia oil and white tea extract that smooth out frizz and restores hair’s natural sheen. This gloss is perfect for all hair types and lasts up to 6-12 shampoo washes. Worthy! A hair gloss is a subtle coloring and conditioning treatment that infuses locks with radiance and shine

Luminous with Blowout $75

Add on to any hair service $40

Olaplex Hair Treatment

The OLAPLEX Stand-Alone Treatment is the unparalleled salon service that repairs damaged hair and maintains strong, healthy hair. The treatment produces instant great results on all hair types including virgin and naturally curly hair. If your hair is curly, from open curl to super curly, the treatment will help to redefine your curls. After treatment, your hair will feel incredible, be frizz-free, have more manageability making it easier to style and look healthy and shiny. Say goodbye to frizzy hair!

Olaplex Treatment Blowout $75

*All Hi-lighting services come with Olaplex to maintain the integrity of hair when lifting.

We also offer texture services which include perms, body waves, and smoothing services. Prices are based upon consultation.

Hair Extensions | Best Hair Extensions in NY & NJ

Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions – EXCLUSIVE to The Secret Garden Salon & Spa. This innovative and unique hair extension system offers invisible, weightless, paper-thin, and seamless results! Lasts 2-3 months and only takes 45mins to an hour to apply the entire head, With practically NO maintenance! Priced based on consultation

Micro-Beading for thinning hair to give lifeless hair more volume and long-lasting style.

Hand Sewn Extension Wefts for Volume and Length

Micro-Tips for Length and fuller thicker hair.

Formal Hair & Makeup

Marlboro, New Jersey | Hair Salon | Services

Today, so many people are continuously switching up their hairstyles. No one knows exactly what they want. What if you’re not sure about the best cut to suit your needs and wants? Here at The Secret Garden Salon & Spa, we have an expert Hairstylist team who has all sorts of knowledge! They’ll assess your skin tone, face shape, eye color… etc. We can make recommendations based off these criteria with precision accuracy by assessing how well suited any given style would be for you from short cuts like choppy bobs or shags (even “Big Chops”), long layered hairstyles–whatever length suits YOU.

Speak to one of our Hair Stylists | Hair Coloring experts who will assist you.

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