About Us

About Us

We Believe that our Souls- The Essence of who we are- are what makes each of us Extraordinary.

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When you nurture the Soul of your…… Business,


it too can be Extraordinary!

  • We make sure the products we use do not carry any harmful toxins. When you use personal care products such as skin care, soaps, gels, creams, lotions, etc, due to the fact that the skin absorbs these products, you are in fact eating them. Toxic ingredients are rampant in the personal care product industry and unfortunately are widely used in so-called natural products.
  • We maintain air-purifying house plants to remove carbon monoxide, other toxins and impurities from the air
  • When renovating our salon we chose all GREEN renovations using denim insulation, no VOC paint, bamboo flooring and recycled furniture.
  • We made the switch to wind-powered electricity through our electric company.
  • SpectraLights are the first LED lights ever engineered for the salon industry. The first energy efficient light that closely matches the Sun’s visible spectrum. SpectraLights provide the optimal lighting needs for an accurate color service.
  • We refill our back-bar shampoo and conditioner bottles instead of buying new ones to cut down on waste.
  • We purchased iPads so we don’t have to print schedules. We also have software that syncs with iPhones so our staff can stay up-to-date more easily. We do not hand out paper brochures anymore; everything is online. If we do need to print something, we use recycled paper.
  • We use recycled mason jars for our beverages.
  • We have a green house in the front of the salon where we grow herbs for the water (mint, basil, etc.) and use them for the spa treatments as well.
  • All of our appliances are energy efficient.
  • Come visit our Book Nook, where you can take a book or leave a book

Community Support by The Secret Garden Spa:

  • Partnership with On Your Mark, Service program for individuals with developmental disabilities, we come together to Garden and grow fresh veggies to use in their local cafe. We recently just employed one of On Your Mark’s disabled adults at The Garden and couldn’t be happier.
  • Diva for a Day- A pampering day for recovering cancer survivors.
  • St. Baldricks– Shaving heads to raise money for childhood cancer
  • Clean Ocean ActionClean Ocean Action’s goal is to improve the degraded water quality of the marine waters off the New Jersey/New York coast.
  • On-Going Wellness Classes– Educating our Community on better choices for their lifestyle and the EARTH!
” With the birth of my first child in 2006, I made a concerted effort to rid my home and business of ugly chemicals and toxins. Over the next few years I adapted to a GREEN lifestyle, which I incorporated at my business becoming the first and only GREEN Salon/Spa in Staten Island. My staff and I utilize every encounter with clients to inspire GREEN beauty awareness and positive self-image from with in. ” -Vivian Pisano

Discover the Beauty that lies within at The Secret Garden Spa

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