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What is a Balayage? All about the Sexy Balayage from your local Hair Salon

What is a Balayage?

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A new trend in hair color is taking off, so what is it? Balayage, meaning “to sweep” was a technique used for centuries by painters who wanted to create the illusion of sunlight on their canvases using many different colors and shades from one side or corner to another. This style takes that idea into our world with natural-looking highlights throughout your locks without all those harsh lines around your face!
The balayage looks different for everyone. It always feels fresh and new! So let’s get into some details that could be helpful for you.


Balayage is not just a hair technique, but also an artistic style. Full balayage means stroking lightener through the majority of your locks and adding fullness to it while partial only focuses on one area like the front or top layers. Both techniques give different results with full creating more noticeable lift and accents for someone who wants subtle highlights in their hair color

While many people are familiar with how much fuller a person can get their hairstyle by going lighter using “balayaging” (which typically involves applying brightening agents throughout all areas), there are two ways that you might choose between doing this: Partial Balaying which applies brighter tones towards specific sections such as at one’s part line; versus Full Balayage.


Balayage or Ombre – What’s the Difference?

Are you looking for a natural-looking hair coloring that still has some creative flair? Then the ombre style might be perfect for you. Ombres are applied horizontally and transition in color halfway up your hair to create an elegant yet soft contrast of colors with varied tones. The final results will depend on your desired depth and tone as well as what type of base color is being transitioned towards at the root area – although it typically starts dark before lightening gradually through each layer! Ombré styles offer more variety than balayage because they can start from any shade near black or brunette (with slight variations) rather than just starting off platinum blonde like many people prefer out-of-the box hair coloring when getting their first professional highlights done.

How Long Does a Balayage Take?

Depending on your preference, a full balayage can take anywhere from two to five hours. Balayage is an art form that requires time, so please be patient: you’ll need about three hours for your stylist to hand-paint highlights throughout the entire breadth of your hair!

What is the Difference Between Balayage And Highlights?

Balayage highlights are a more low-maintenance alternative to traditional highlights. Unlike the classic kind, balayage doesn’t cover all of your hair and it’s less noticeable when you need a touch-up with regrowth because only strands on top layers have been colored.


How Much Does a Balayage Typically Cost?

Partial balayage takes much less time and as a result, is less expensive than full Balayage. Balayage can cost anywhere between $200-$500 depending on if they use foils or ombre technique.

What about the at-home Bayalage Kits, can you achieve high-quality balayage results at home?

What about DIY balayage kits?

They may not be worth the risk. Professional stylists know best how to get that perfect balayage based on your particular hair, condition and color, and other factors.

Maybe you saw youtube videos and thought it looked easy, I can do this! Ummm, hold on what you might not know is most of these are done by hairdressers making it look easy.  And, don’t forget you are not seeing everything, behind the scenes, for example, there’s probably a professional colorist.  This is probably not what you wanted to hear. Please remember, a balayage is an advanced color technique. What will you do if it goes wrong?  You will probably look to find a qualified professional hairstylist since balayage correction is even more difficult than the first application.

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