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The 5 Best Hair Accessories You Can Use on the Big Day

There’s no better way to impress your guests with your wedding day look than having an intricate updo that looks like the most time-consuming style in the world to do. And it doesn’t matter what type of hair you have either. Brides with long, short, or medium-length hair can recreate these styles by using various hair accessories. 

  1. Tiaras

Tiaras are a popular hairpiece for brides today because of their contemporary and timeless look. These are perfect for brides who want to look like a princess on their wedding day—think Miranda Kerr’s wedding where she wore a tiara and looked like absolute royalty. 

The good thing about tiaras is that they can suit any hairstyle and will look amazing with any type of veil. It’s safe to say that tiaras go with almost anything. You can also go for something more modern that comes in Alice band-style pieces. 

  1. Hair Vines

Thanks to the popularity of boho chic, hair vines are so trendy these days. These vines look whimsical but still add a touch of sophistication. However, not all hairstyles go well with it. 

If you want a hair vine, you can opt for a relaxed bun, boho braid, or half up half down hairstyle with twists or plaits. You can wear the vine in various ways, such as wrapped around the bun or woven into the style. 

  1. Hair Clips or Combs

There are many bridal hair clips or combs you can get today for your wedding day. One of the best things about these hair accessories is that they complement any hair updo and look stunning when combined with a veil. 

Another thing is that clips are easy to secure in place and can have a huge impact on a bride’s overall look. 

  1. Hair Pins

Emphasize the texture of your hairstyle with hairpins. They can also help you add more dimension and make accents in your updo. Most brides tend to wear a veil and remove it for the reception. So, if you don’t want to overpower your look, you can opt for a veil in the ceremony and change it for dazzling hairpins after. 

  1. Flower Hairpieces

Real flowers as wedding hair accessories look enchanting. You can match your bridal bouquet, or you can opt for single blooms or even a whole hair crown that will make you look stunning. 

Nothing to worry about; real flower hairpieces can last the whole day and night! You can also wear a dried flower hair crown, which will go well if you have a vintage-inspired dress. 

The Right Wedding Hair Accessories

There are numerous wedding hair accessories available on the market, making it tricky to choose one when you are in the early stages of your planning. It’s important to consider your hairstyle, the overall look you’re trying to achieve, and your dress when choosing a piece that will perfectly complement your big day. Use these tips to help you find the right hair accessory you can wear on the big day. 

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