Nails Blunders to Avoid on Your Wedding Day.

When your wedding day comes, there will be a slew of individuals hoping to get a peek of your brand-new wedding ring—not to mention all of the high-definition, close-up pictures captured by your wedding photographers. Make every peek at your ring an experience by putting a wedding day mani on your agenda! 

When it comes to having your wedding nails in tip-top condition, choosing your nail color, style, and manicure—paint, dip, gel, or acrylic—is just half the effort. If you want to improve the form and length of your nails, try getting an acrylic or dip manicure. However, if you want to use non-toxic materials, a non-toxic gel mani or normal polish appearance may be ideal. Whatever option you consider, you need to make sure that your nails will be ready to shine on their own.  

To help you get an Instagram-worthy manicure, here are several mani-related blunders to avoid before your big day: 

Leaving Everything to the Last Minute 

One of the most common errors brides and grooms make is putting off manicure minutes before the actual day. Allow yourself plenty of time to make your wedding nail look come to life once you come up with a design in mind. To avoid any last-minute blunder, make sure you have your nails done one to two days before the wedding.  That way, you won’t have to hurry on the morning of your wedding or worry about wet polish when changing into your wedding gown.   

Setting Unrealistic Goals 

Collate ideas for your wedding day nails, but keep a realistic design in mind. Consider your distinctive skin complexion, the length of your nails, your wedding ring, and your wardrobe to create your unique appearance. While the pattern may not come out precisely as you see in the picture, a skilled nail technician can help you create a similar look that will work best for you. 

Failure to Test Your Wedding Nail Look 

You may be fixated on a particular nail design or have no clue where to begin. In any case, it’s critical to practice a couple of different looks before the big day. Experiment with various shapes, colors, patterns, and finishes to discover the ideal match. Most brides have makeup and hair trials, but nails should not be neglected. 

Using Your Hands Excessively

The days preceding up to the wedding may be hectic, but using your hands too much before the ceremony will ruin your manicure. You may wind up breaking your fingernails the day before the marriage ceremony. Therefore, use caution while using your hands and take care of your nails throughout this period. If you make this mistake, you may quickly repair a chipped nail by contacting your technician or painting over the bare area with the same color. Make sure you get a bottle of your precise wedding day color to have on hand, just in case. 

Going to the Salon with Oily Nail Beds 

Heading to the salon or doing your nails yourself with greasy nail beds is a no-no. Avoid using or leaving any oily material on the nail, such as lotion, cosmetics, or serums, as this may cause early chipping or lifting. Even putting cosmetics with your hands may interfere with your shine. To avoid this, wash your hands before the procedure and rub alcohol over your nail plate to create a clean canvas. 

Not Bringing Along a Tool Set 

Even if you’re going to the salon for your wedding manicure, it’s essential to invest in equipment for upkeep and maintenance, particularly if you’re not scheduled regularly. For starters, you’ll need clippers, a 180/100 file, a buffer, and nippers. Having these items on hand may help you keep clean, healthy nails in between appointments. You may even use them to give yourself an at-home manicure or have your bridesmaids help you with a fast repair before you walk down the aisle. 

Final Thoughts 

To ensure you will have Instagram-worthy nails, consult your nail technician if you are uncertain about the type of manicure you want. They’re genuine experts, so they’ll be able to suggest what type of mani to attempt depending on your wedding theme, budget, and preference.

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