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Looking Your Best at Your Wedding Day: 3 Hair Styling Tips

Wedding couples often have their minds preoccupied with all the big things about their marriage. This includes reserving the right venue, working with the right caterers, and finalizing their guest list. While they may have these major requirements covered, they can then let go of the minor yet impactful preparations.

Looking your best is vital for your wedding day, and your hair demands just as much attention as your wedding dress. For this reason, you need to make it right and look your best when it counts. Otherwise, you may have regrets looking back on your wedding photos.

Three Essential Wedding Hair Styling Tips

Since planning a wedding is no simple feat, the bride and groom can’t be at fault for being forgetful at times. Thankfully, having a set of reminders will help you look your best, even with the boatloads of tasks you still need to prepare for.

In this article, we’ll share three hair styling tips to make sure you look your best on your wedding day!

1. Consider What Affects Your Hairstyle

While some hairstyles may look great on their own, you should always remember to pair them with other variables in mind. Besides your hair’s length and texture, the dress you’ll wear, the weather conditions, and even the venue you’ll be in are important factors to consider.

For example, having cascading curls is best when your venue will be indoors since you won’t worry about having frizzy hair. However, if you plan to stay out in the sun for your exchange of vows, you may want to use hair extensions to keep your hair resilient to heat and humidity.

2. Choose to Veil or Not to Veil

Traditionally, wedding veils used to be a package deal with the gown and bouquet of flowers. However, marriage programs are much more lenient today. This allows couples to be more creative with what makes them comfortable on their wedding day.

Remember that you must match your hairstyle if you decide to wear a veil or not. This is because veils will smash airy updos, so you may want to consider a low bun over loose updos. It will help to mix and match your options with or without the practicality of a veil before you decide if you can wear one.

3. Test Your Hair Style’s Preparation Beforehand

All of your wedding’s different phases need to be rehearsed, from your wedding vows to your reception program. Doing so will ensure that your special milestone goes smoothly without any hassle. This level of preparation should also be present with your hair styling needs.

After choosing your hairstyle of choice, you need to consider the time it takes to set it up. Recreating it in real-time will give you an idea of how long your preparations will be, especially for pre-wedding wedding shoots with your team. This will also show any issues you may have with the do. It’s helpful to confirm whether it may be too uncomfortable to wear or not exactly fit your facial features or hair textures.


Taking to heart these reminders is one thing, but it’s another to execute them with the rest of the responsibilities you have to do. Remember that running a wedding is a team effort, so you shouldn’t stop yourself from asking for help. This is why professional hairstylists can give you the proper makeover you need for your special day. The Secret Garden Salon & Spa is a beauty spa in Marlboro NJ & Staten Island, NY that can solve your wedding worries for you. Our experienced team can offer wedding hair & makeup services on your wedding day. Book us today, and discover the benefit of working with professionalism and expertise!

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