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The Secret Garden Salon & Spa – A Look in the Different Bridal Hair Throughout the Years

The bridal hair is one of the most intricate works of art during wedding ceremonies, and it has been like that for the longest time. If you are curious about what kinds of hairstyles women wore from the early 1900s and how they evolved to what the women of today prefer, let this article take you on a quick throwback to the past history of wedding hairstyles.

In the 1910s: Big and Wavy

Hair is known as the crowning glory of women, and it is apparent to the brides back in the 1900s. That time, voluminous hair tied up on a big bun was the thing. Women make their hair wavy using the Marcel iron (or the first curling iron prototype) before piling them high up on the head. 

During this time, fake braids and hairpieces were placed on the heads, too, giving that fuller and bigger look. Besides that, accessories like a large, plumed hat or a headpiece were the trend. To finish off the look, a long and luxurious veil should flow down the bride’s head. 

In the 1950s: Buns and Bangs

The updo became the trend again in the 1950s but this time, short, volumized, and bluntly cut bangs accompanied the look. After all, the 1950s is considered the decade of curls. Skull cap veils are also the trend this time. Besides the change in style, the veil also increased in length. It was believed that the growing prosperity during this time catapulted that change. Since people feel the improvement in the overall economic performance, they also aspire to have more glamorous weddings. That includes much longer veils than usual. 

In the 1970s: Hair Down in Layers

Most women decided to wear their hair down at weddings in the 70s. You can say it came from the hippie and boho influences then. Add to that the impact of the styles of some celebrities. Hairs have multiple and flicked away layers surrounding the face and are topped by soft yet wispy bangs. The bohemian veils were also the most popular veil type back then. 

In the 1980s: Teased and Bold

The 1980s brought back volume once again. This year, hair is teased and worn loose and wavy once more. Others decided to get permed hair. Like the rest of the decades, dramatic bangs were still a popular trend. 

Because of the voluminous hairstyles, women also wear larger veils. Some brides opted to add sequins onto their headpiece for that added glam. In the 80s, singers like Madonna and Cindy Lauper were big style influencers during this time.

In the 1990s: Layers and Long Bangs

Gone are the short bangs in the 90s. Women preferred much longer bangs and let them hang and highlight their faces. Hairs are often in a French roll or a ponytail. If not, they sport shoulder-length hairstyles. Simple accessories were also the trend then, such as the use of clip-on hair accessories. 

In the 2000s: Knotted Bun

A century has passed, and women went back to the bun style as the leading hairstyle choice for 2000s weddings. Brides want their hair loosely tied at the nape of their necks. They also become experimental with their veil, changing the color to what they feel like wearing. 


Styles change depending on what or who had the most significant influence on people at that time. It is a good reflection on people’s standards and concepts of beauty during those times. While there are many changes experienced over time, one thing remains the same: bridal hair is something not taken for granted at every wedding. Whatever the bride wants to wear their hair on their wedding day, it will surely make her stand out more from the crowd.
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