Sinus Relief Facial

Did you know This Facial Treatment Can help with Sinus & Congestion?

The Ultimate Sinus & Congestion Relief Facial

A must during Allergy Season

NOW with an Organic Local Honey Mask

 sinus relief facial

Incredible Benefits for Sinus & Congestion

This facial deeply cleanses the skin while simultaneously clearing the sinus cavity & respiratory system. Utilizing essential oils of peppermint, chamomile & eucalyptus, a pressure point massage is performed on the face, head, neck & décolleté to release fluids & pressure from the sinus cavities. You will feel less pressure & headaches will be relieved. You will also notice a remarkable difference in the appearance of dark circles & puffiness around the eye area. In addition to the acupressure massage, our holistic esthetician will perform special micro-current techniques focusing on the sinus cavities & eye area!

It Improves Facial Circulation!

This treatment Encourages blood circulation to improve the skin’s appearance.  A facial massage is a great way to improve your circulation. A whole host of external factors, including pollution and lack of sleep, can clog our pores and reduce circulation; however, by stimulating the lymph nodes below the surface of the skin with a massaged you may flush out fluids that have built up or boost flow in this area which will help restore oxygenated blood supply on top layers as well as nutrients supplied to these areas- all key components for giving your face an influx of healthy glow!

This Facial Massages helps facial drainage of toxins and reduce water retention

Most facial massages work on the skin and muscles in your face, but some facials go a little deeper to focus on lymph nodes. A lymphatic massage focuses specifically on draining toxins from the face and neck into the body’s natural detoxification system: The Lymphatic System. This helps clarify skin while reducing bloating at once!

This facial has all the benefits – including deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions & circulation.

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