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Balayage_ Everything You Need to Kow About This Hair Coloring Trend Part 1

Balayage is not a new coloring technique. It has been around for a few years now, and this style is often requested by people getting hair salon services. If you haven’t tried it and you’re curious whether it will be a good look on you, it would help to know a bit more about this beloved hair trend. 

In this two-part post, The Secret Garden Salon & Spa shares some insights into this popular hair trend from professionals who have been doing it for years:

What Exactly Is Balayage Hair?

‘Balayage’ comes from the French word that means ‘sweeping.’ An apt name as this freehand hair coloring method delivers a naturally blended look without harsh and evident regrowth lines. 

Balayage gives you a natural-looking hair color that’s somewhat sun-kissed. Regrowth is softer and less noticeable. The idea is to achieve a look with a multi-tone finish, playing with light and shade to give your hair a richer look with more color dimensions. 

Balayage is different from traditional highlighting methods because it doesn’t use foil, and the color is applied freehand. It’s less uniform, and your hair won’t have that striped look that you often see when people get highlights. 

How Is Balayage Done?

Balayage is painted only on the surface of the hair and not saturated through the entire section until the tips. The result is smooth and blended color strokes. Since there’s no foil or other special tools used to create highlights, it is called a freehand method. 

How Long Does the Process Take?

The depth of balayage varies, depending on the client’s preference and the stylist. It can take anywhere between just a few minutes to a triple process look that lasts around three hours. If you’re going for a multi-tonal and layered balayage, that will take at least 45 minutes, but the benefit is that you can have longer intervals between color appointments.

Why Is Balayage So Popular These Days?

Balayage wasn’t as huge a decade ago as it is today. In fact, it hasn’t been widely used in most countries. That said, it has been popular among celebrities and is considered a classic red carpet look. Some of the most popular celebrities who love this hair color style include Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen, among others. As more stars sport this look, regular folks start getting balayage, too. 

The style of balayage that’s so on-trend right now is the low-key look that makes people wonder if the hair is indeed colored. Think of this as lip-gloss for hair – it enhances the overall look without looking too obvious. 

One of the best things about balayage is that you don’t need to have really long hair to achieve a good look with it. Even those with pixie cuts can get balayage, too!


Balayage is one of the most requested hair salon services for a reason. It’s universally flattering, and it’s perfect for those who want to change up their look subtly. It’s an excellent option for people who want to give their hair more dimension and don’t like the look of streaky highlights. It’s suitable for most haircuts and lengths. With its popularity, it appears that balayage is not going anywhere anytime soon, and if you want to give this style a try, now is the best time to do so. 

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