Lash & Eyebrows


Lash Art

Eyelash Extensions
ALL NEW Technique with Luxury Voluminous Lashes

A fuller look, softer finish, longer wear, looks better during wear and can be applied even on extra thin lashes.

Choose from natural to hyper volume fullness. Customize your look to your eye shape & face. A full consultation is given with your Certified Lash Technician. 

For a NATURAL Effect:

Natural – Classic: $150
Natural – Dramatic: $200
Natural Touch-ups: One Week $50/Two Weeks $65 / Three Weeks: $85

After four weeks a New Full Set must be applied.

For a WOW Effect:

Glamour Lashes: $225
Glamour – Dramatic: $265
Glamour Touch-ups: Two Weeks $85 / Three Weeks $105After three weeks a New Full Set must be applied.

Lashes are guaranteed to keep their beautiful appearance with proper home care maintenance. Lashes require maintenance fill-ins every 2-3 weeks. Lashes are applied individually hair by hair.

Level 1

1-5 years of experience and still in training, building a portfolio $85

Level 2

5+ years of experience in the industry $100+

Level 3

5+ Editorial Experience $125

Lash Add-On $25 for all

eye lash extension

Enhance your Natural Lashes

Eye Lash Lift: $60
Eye Lash Tint: $25
Semi Permanent Mascara: Top Lashes $55 / Bottom Lashes $20

Eyebrow Lamination

This is a procedure that slicks the hairs upwards, allowing you to shape and style your natural brows to look fuller and thicker. The beautiful thing about eyebrow lamination is that it is not a definitive styling method and you may choose how frequently you want to repeat the procedure to maintain the fluffiness of your brows. Results last up to 6 weeks.

Eyebrow Lamination $89
Eyebrow Lamination & Tint $99
Eyebrow Tint $25
Eyebrow wax and tint $40