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Our Quick Guide to the Most Flattering Hairstyles For Different Face Shapes

If you’ve ever felt frustrated that a particular hairstyle that looks glamorous on your favorite celebrity yet highlights all your bad angles, there’s no need to fret. When this happens, it’s usually because you’re trying out a hairstyle that works best for a different face shape! The length or width of your face dictates the

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Spa treatment
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Top 5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Spa

The term ‘spa’ refers to many services and experiences ranging from a small facial and massage business to large-scale pampering resorts. The term “spa” was initially used to denote naturally occurring thermal springs throughout the ages of Ancient Greece and Rome. Massage, facial, body treatment, manicure, and pedicure are the most common spa treatments. Manicures

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wedding hair and makeup
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Anthony Reonegro

Bridal Hairdresser and Make-up Artist: Your Ultimate Wedding Guide

Bridal Hairdresser and Make-up Artist: Your Ultimate Wedding Guide Wedding. One of the most important events in everyone’s life, more so to the woman. It’s said to be one of the happiest days of their lifetime.  But to get there, couples need to do a ton of preparation. One of which is picking the right

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Olaplex hair Treatment
Hair Treatment

Olaplex Now Available!

What you need to know about Olapalex | The Miracle Hair Treatment everyone raves about. Ask about our Miracle Hair Treatment at our Staten Island & Marlboro, NJ Hair Salon & Spa! Olaplex Hair Treatment: “Loved it!” say 50,000 real customers. Olaplex Review: ‘It Transformed My Dead Hair And Split Ends’ Read more about this

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“Super Genes,” by Deepak Chopra MD and Rudolph Tanzi PHD brings us a little insight on these cravings most of us know all too well.  “Bad choices sometimes feel good…gratification from good choices is usually delayed…the best approach is to reset your microbiome by instituting easy lifestyle changes and then rely on your body to

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The many ways to participate in the Spring Cleanse.

Eating: The food plan is to avoid as much sugar as possible. NO grains of any kind(this includes bread and pasta), legumes, beans, potato, sweet potato, mushrooms, peanuts, pistachios, dairy(kefir, plain yogurt, real sour cream, heavy whipping creamy can de used sparingly), no vinegar except apple cider. No caffeine, no alcohol. Fruit is limited to

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